1. This event is free of charges.
  2. The registration will be closed when the quota is full.
  3. If the registration has been closed, the registration for Waiting List Participants will be open. Please check and follow Instagram @taiwanexcellence_id for more information.
  4. Zumba Pack Collection will be held on September 26th, 2019 (10.00 A.M – 18.00 P.M.) at Taiwan Excellence Pavilion in Taiwan Expo at Exhibition Hall – Grand City Convex (GCC) – Surabaya
  5. Participants that does not collect the Zumba Pack on September 26th, please be aware that your Zumba Pack will be given to the participants on waiting list. But you are still welcome to join the Zumba Event on September 27th.
  6. For chosen Waiting List Participants will be contacted by organizer on September 26th, 2019 and can collect their Zumba Pack on September 27th, 2019 at 09.00 – 10.00 at Registration desk.
  7. Zumba Fest in Taiwan Expo event will start at 10.00 A.M. (Re-registration start from 09.00 A.M.)
  8. Each Zumba Pack contains 1 pc of Zumba Smart Bracelet, 1 pc of Waistbag, 1 pc of Wristband, 1 pc of Headband and 2 pcs of Taiwan Excellence Tattoo. Each participants will also get 1 pc of Towel that can be redeemed at Registration Desk on September 27th, 2019 at 09.00 – 10.00.
  9. Participants MUST wear Zumba Smart Bracelet that has been given as the entrance pass to enter the venue, to collect the towel at Registration desk and to get the isotonic drink after the event is finished.
  10. Participants also required to bring/use the other equipment such as Waistbag, Wristband, Headband and Tattoos that has been given when collecting the Zumba Pack.
  11. The lucky draw coupon is valid only when the participant is present at the Event.
  12. Participants must bring identity (KTP/SIM/KITAS/PASSPORT/Student Card) for confirmation of Lucky Draw prize winner. Winners can not be represented by other.
  13. Participants with unique and funniest costume have a chance to win the “BEST COSTUME”. 5 Winners will be chosen. Judges decisions can not be cancelled.
  14. All participants should be fit and in good condition before and during the event. All participants are required to be responsible for own healthy.
  15. Participants are advised to not bring valuable items and required to responsible for own stuff/items. Lost items are not the responsibility of organizer.
  16. Drugs, sharp weapons, and fire weapons are prohibited.
  17. Stealing, fighting, and committing immoral actions will be reported and submitted to the authorities.
  18. Organizer could change any term and condition or stop the Event if there is natural disaster, demonstration and others without Notice.


How do I join this event?

Please check the “how to join” page within this website

How much do I have spend to participate in this event?

This event is free of charge

What should I prepare and bring for the event?

Prepare your stamina, do not forget to wear your Smart Bracelet and bring your Zumba Pack & other attributes, including the coupons that has been given at Zumba Pack Collection.

How do I get to enter the venue of the event?

You are required to wear the Smart Bracelet that has been given as the entrance pass to enter the venue.

How do I get the Smart Bracelet?

For the registered Participants or chosen Waiting List Participants, the “Zumba Smart Bracelet” will be given during the Zumba Pack Collection . If you have not registered yet and wants to join the event, you can register at Registration Desk on September 27th, 2019 at 09.00 – 10.00 and get the “Taiwan Excellence Smart Bracelet”.

What is the equality and differences of “Zumba Smart Bracelet” with “Taiwan Excellence Smart Bracelet”?

Equality : both can use as the entrance pass to enter the venue
Differences : only participants with Zumba Smart Bracelet can get the towel and isotonic drink.

Is there any baggage drop area on the event day?

No, we suggest to only bring the stuffs that you need. All participants are responsible for their own stuff.

Can I register on the event day?

Whether the registration is full or not, you can still come and join us! But only the participants which has already registered online can get the Taiwan Excellence Zumba Pack and the towel (escpecially for towel, will be distributed on the event day)

If the registration is full, can I still join this event?

Of course! Come and join us and remember to register at the information desk to get your “Taiwan Excellence Smart Bracelet”!

When and where can I get my Zumba Pack?

You can collect your Zumba Pack on September 26th, 2019 at Taiwan Excellence Pavilion in Taiwan Expo at Exhibition Hall – Grand City Convex – Surabaya from 10.00 A.M. until 18.00 P.M. Kindly re-check your email confirmation for more details.

What should I bring for Zumba Pack Collection?

You are required to bring and represent the confirmation letter, as well as your registered ID Card

Can I be represented by others for Zumba Pack Collection?

Yes, you can. You will be required to bring letter of authority, confirmation letter, and the copy / photo of the registered ID card.